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Here’s How You Can Prepare Your Home for Sale

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Are you selling your house soon? Include the following items on your to-do list as part of your preparation for the sale.

  1. Start packing

    It’s never too early to start packing, especially if the home sale is impending. You can start by slowly going through furniture and appliances you want to keep and let go.

    Consider selling the latter with the home− a lot of home buyers are always willing to purchase used items as long as they are in great condition.

  2. De-personalize and de-clutter the house

    One way of disassociating yourself from the property is by storing personal effects, such as photographs and family heirlooms, away. At the same time, you’ll be preparing for your move as well.

    By de-personalizing every inch of the home, you’re enabling prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in the property. Pictures of you and your family might distract them.

    It’s also important to go through every room to get rid of junk you’ve accumulated, such as stacks of magazines and other knickknacks. You can donate these or even sell them. As for items you’d like to keep, make sure you store them separately with clear labels.

  3. Re-paint the walls

    A fresh coat of paint, both inside and outside the home, can do wonders for the property. It can increase curb appeal and can even make the house feel brand new.

    Should you decide to do this, stick to neutral colors such as white, off-white, taupe, and dove gray. They’re easy to dress up and can complement a variety of looks for the home. Most importantly, they won’t turn potential buyers away.

  4. Make minor repairs and upgrades

    Another way to make your house appear brand new is to make upgrades and repairs, however minor they may be. Consider doing the following:

    1. Replace door knobs, locks, and other hardware.
    2. Patch holes and replace cracked tiles.
    3. Fix leaky pipes and faucets.
    4. Install new lighting, inside and outside the home.
    5. Have the roof checked to see if it needs come repairing.
    6. Fix flower beds and landscaping.
  5. Improve curb appeal

    When you’re selling a home, especially in a seller’s market, first impressions matter. You can make a positive and lasting impression on potential buyers by improving the house’s curb appeal.

    You can do more than applying a fresh coat of paint and improving the landscaping. Decorate the entryway with a welcome rug in an attractive color. Make sure the walkway and sidewalks are clean.

    Dress up the property according to the season− flowers for spring, nautical-themed decor for summer, Halloween for fall, and holiday wreaths (and lights) in the winter.

    If you’re still looking for more inspiration, check out this helpful article by HGTV, one of the leading authorities on home design and improvement.

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