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Home-selling Verdict: Sell “as is” or fix it up?

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Still on the fence about whether to sell your house as is or getting repairs done first? Let’s break down the details to help you arrive at the best decision to match your needs and selling goals.

What does selling “as is” mean?

When you sell your house “as is,” you are putting the property on the market without getting any updates or repairs done on it. What the buyer sees is what the buyer will get.

When should you consider selling your home as is?

  • When you need to sell fast
  • When you have limited time, resources, and energy to get preparations done
  • When your local community or area is a seller’s market – that is, when there are fewer homes for sale than there are buyers

Important things to consider when selling as is

If you decide to sell your property as is, use these tips to improve your chances of making a good sale:

  • Declutter and depersonalize living spaces. Even without getting any repairs or upgrades done, make your property presentable to potential buyers.
  • Weigh your competition. With help from your agent, examine comparable homes for sale around your area. Take note of their condition and the amenities that they include.
  • Be ready to respond to lowball offers. Buyers will make low offers and negotiate for the lowest sale price possible because they will later shoulder the cost, not to mention the inconvenience, of fixing up your property. Don’t take these personally and be quick with a reasonable counter-offer instead.
  • Make honest disclosures. Oklahoma state law requires full disclosure of the condition of properties being sold. Consider it a gesture of good faith on your end as the seller. It is better to disclose known defects on the property than have a potential buyer back out of the deal when an inspection reveals serious issues on your property.

Why you are better off getting repairs done first

Unless you absolutely need to make an urgent, immediate sale, we here at Midtown Realty, LLC recommend investing in repair work and minor updates to your home before selling. Doing so puts you in a better light as a seller – it shows that you are willing to put in the effort and care to present a better offering in your local housing market.

What should I prioritize when investing in repairs and upgrades?

  • Kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. These are the parts of the home that buyers scrutinize most.
  • Cracked walls, flooring, and countertops. Be sure to opt for repairs or replacements. Don’t go for a band-aid solution that only hides these problems. An inspection will eventually uncover them and delay your sale.
  • Faulty fixtures. Leaky faucets and creaky door hinges. Flickering lights and short-circuited wall outlets. Fix small but obvious signs of wear on a home can make buyers extra-cautious about other red flags around the property.
  • Exteriors, roofing, and front yard. A great first impression goes a long way. Boost your curb appeal and set a positive tone for the rest of a buyer’s tour around your home.

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