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How to Improve Your Home for Sale Without Spending Too Much

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Selling your Oklahoma City home? Before listing it on real estate sites, you first need to make sure your property is sale ready. Keep in mind that a typical buyer will not choose a home that looks dirty and lacks proper maintenance.

Preparing your home for the sale doesn’t always mean spending on expensive home renovations. In many cases, a good sprucing up and creative home staging are all you need to attract potential buyers.

Here are some of the things you can do to improve your home for sale without burning a hole in your pocket.

  1. Improve your curb appeal

    Curb appeal is very important in making a great first impression. Many buyers make an opinion if they like a home or not even before setting foot inside.

    Improving curb appeal starts with cleaning your yard and trimming your lawn. Prune overgrown trees and shrubs, and keep your garden looking lush, healthy, and uncluttered.

    Give your exterior walls a good cleaning or, if needed, a fresh coat of paint. If you have a fence, make sure it looks straight and well-maintained, and the gate is working well. Clean the gutters and replace or reinforce old and sagging ones.

    Give your front door a facelift. Consider painting it with a contrasting color to make it pop. Make sure the doorknob is working properly and doesn’t look worn. Polish brass house numbers and any other brass and metal accessory. Add a new doormat for a welcoming feel.

  2. Depersonalize and de-clutter your home

    When buyers view your home, they want to get a feel of how it is to live there. Make it easy for them by removing your photos, memorabilia, and other personal items, and replace them with neutral decor or art.

    Make sure your home is free from clutter. This will not only depersonalize the property, it will also make it feel more spacious. Organize your drawers and closets to give the impression that your home has ample storage space.

    Don’t forget to de-clutter your garage, attic, and basement, as well. Sort everything you’ve stored there, dispose of what you don’t need, and organize what you decide to keep or store them somewhere else.

  3. Clean all surfaces

    Make sure every surface – from the floor to the ceiling – is sparkling clean. Wash rugs and polish bare floors. Dust everything, including the cabinets, furniture, lamps, and ceiling fans.

  4. Pay close attention to the bathrooms and kitchen

    Most homebuyers inspect the bathrooms and kitchen more closely than any other part of the house. De-clutter these rooms and give them a thorough cleaning. Clean or replace the grout between tiles and refinish or replace broken and worn countertops. Change or polish old fixtures and make sure they’re working properly. Degrease the stove and oven, and keep the sink spotless and gleaming.

    Get rid of bad odors by using deodorizers, scented candles, and so on. Freshly-baked cookies can also do the trick. Don’t overdo it, though, or buyers might think you’re trying to cover something up.

We at Midtown Realty, LLC can help you identify what needs to be improved to get your home sold fast and at the highest possible price. Contact us at this website or call us at 405-600-7276.

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