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What are the benefits of buying a new construction home?

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Have you set your eyes on a newly constructed home, but are still on the fence regarding the purchase? To help you decide, let’s take look at the benefits that come with buying a new construction home.

  1. You are free to customize your home

    These days, it’s commonplace to have home builders involve home buyers in the design process. This gives you a lot of freedom to make the house truly your own.

    For instance, you can decide on the type of floor plan you want. You can choose where the bathroom should be. You have the flexibility to choose, from the paint to the flooring. This level of customization is quite unheard of in re-sale properties, unless you’re completely renovating the home.

    All that said, if you’re buying a new construction home in a community with an HOA, your exterior design choices might be limited by rules. Inside the house, however, you can have free rein.

  2. They are more energy-efficient than older homes

    New construction are required by law to follow the latest building codes and standards. That includes building homes to have more features that enable them to be energy-efficient.

    So, what are some of these features? New homes these days must have a building enveloped that is sealed tighter than ever. This allows the homes to prevent air-conditioning from escaping the building, regardless of the season.

    With this kind of building envelope, new construction also feature more efficient insulation and multi-paned windows. These help you regulate the temperature inside the home without spending too much on expensive cooling/heating systems.

  3. Everything is brand new

    When you buy a newly construction home, you won’t have to worry about repairs and maintenance as soon as you move in. Unless the materials used were substandard, you won’t be dealing with such headaches several months or even a year or two after you relocate.

    Why? Simple. It’s a brand new home. Everything inside it is new as well. More importantly, new homes these days are made to be sturdy and to require less maintenance than older homes.

    With new appliances and fixtures come warranty. A lot of home builders these days offer to do the repair and maintenance work for the first year, and that’s only the minimum. So if ever something happens and it just so happens to be covered by the warranty, you can just call the builder and they will send people to fix it for free.

A newly constructed home is 100% yours. You don’t have to do extensive work just to put your personal signature on it. After all, the builder will do it for you. If you’re looking for just the type of living experience, investing in a new construction is definitely worth it.

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